This new board recognizes all 4GB of ram, yay!
Firefly-RK3288, quad-core rockchip 3288 (A12/A17?), 4GB ram
ssh port: 2241
ssh fingerprints:
2048 87:3e:d4:f7:00:65:bd:39:ea:47:81:16:55:d6:cf:66 
/etc/ssh/ (RSA)
256 b8:a5:af:69:6a:76:03:9a:e3:77:82:a3:d9:7e:17:6d 
/etc/ssh/ (ECDSA)

Also, all the Odroid-XU4 (odxu4*) boards now recognize all 8 cores! I
don't know if that requires any manual configuration to take advantage
of them, or if they sould take on a few more build jobs...

I need to do some more testing with the BeagleBoard-X15 board to get
support in the kernel and debian-installer, and try to enable eSATA
support, but should be ready real soon now...

live well,

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