Hi Axel,

On Sonntag, 6. März 2016, Axel Beckert wrote:
> > I think we'd need 10-12 of such boards for a start, not sure if we still
> > have Debian funds to buy those (but I almost think so… Vagrant?) -
> > providing we would find someone interested+able to host these. Would you
> > (Axel) be able too?
> I probably can host some, too, given that them only being reachable
> via IPv6 suffices. (I currently only have a SixXS IPv6 tunnel at home,
> but I'm thinking about switching my ISP at home to one with fiber and
> native IPv6.)

I guess that would be fine in principle, except that jenkins.d.n has no ipv6, 
and adding that would involve tunneling.

Would you be willing to forward ports from an ipv4 address of yours to the ssh 
ports of these nodes, so that we can use ipv4 like in the setup with Vagrant?


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