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On Wed, Mar 23, 2016 at 03:34:33PM -0400, Valerie R Young wrote:
> I'm applying to Outreachy (https://www.gnome.org/outreachy/) to work on the
> Reproducible Builds project, specifically to improve
> test.reproducible-builds.org. Very excited to potential join this project!

welcome to the wonderful world of Reproducible builds! ;-)

> Here is a rough timeline I've put together based on the work Holger/Lunar
> would like to see on the site -- further feedback welcome:

I think the timeline is roughly fine, just one thing:

Please make sure / be aware that you can test all the things locally, on
some system of yours. I'm usually pretty good at merging things and
bringing them online rather immediatly but there will be times when I'm
not so available and this shouldnt result in you getting stuck.

(And you should have a local testbed anyway, to be able to develop+test
your code. As its mostly about the webpages, you also dont need jenkins
for that nor do you need to be running tests. Just experimenting with
the existing reproduicble.db should be fine.)
> Timeline:

things I'm missing here:

- an initial working piece to prove that you understand the setup (eg
  one of the 4 things I suggested in private mail yesterday)
- inclusion of the the 3 other things from those list of 4 :)
> Week 5
> - Become intimately familiar with reproducible.db
> - Become intimately familiar with test results and project/packaging design 
> of other projects to record in database
> Week 6
> - Re-design database to add results from other distros to the database
> Week 7
> - Migrate from SQLight to Postgres (with new schema design!)

note that you will also need to migrate the data from the old to the new
database design. and this should be scripted. (and tested locally…)

and it misses creating documentation of the new database scheme!

everything else I havent commented on is fine from my side.


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