Source: diffoscope
Version: 51
Severity: wishlist


looking at
I first had to scroll over a lot of uninformative (?) debug symbols
stuff, only to see that the "real" difference in the packages had been
cut off from the output due to "Max output size reached".

Even if the output is not truncated, I've frequently had the case in
the past that the interesting part was hidden at the end or (worse)
somewhere in the middle, because -dbgsym packages were checked first.

So the idea would be simply to reorder the output to show the -dbgsym
and -dbg package differences last.

More ideas:

* Apply the max size filter also to subsections, e.g. cut off and
  overly lengthy debug diff and still allow for other things to be

* Add a table of contents at the top to show which objects are diffed.
  (The html anchors for jumping to the objects are already there :)

* Maybe add "collapse this section" knobs to allow hiding
  uninteresting or already-read sections

  * Maybe collapse some sections by default, e.g. the md5sums file
    diff is neither helpful (there are just hashes) nor informative
    (well there are differences elsewhere, so these are differing) in
    normal cirumstances

* Drop the outmost table border, my browser already has a window
  border of its own :)


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