Satyam Zode:
> Yes! I'm looking at those issues but it seems those issues are more in
> number. Frankly speaking, I'm not completely aware about many of those.
> Hence, I'm requesting you all to give some suggestions (and may be list of
> issues) so that I can start working on it further.
> Or maybe we can just categorize available issues :)

What I'm saying is that, in case people don't reply much, or give replies with 
jargon that you don't yet understand, is that there are things you can do 
yourself (without any input from others) to form some of your own starting 
ideas on what would be best.

Some of the suggestions so far are easy (skip specific sections in the input) 
whereas other suggestions are hard (hide categories of diff, hide sections 
specified in a buildinfo). To be able to judge this better, you can try 
attempting some reproductions yourself of existing packages (instructions on 
how to do this are on the wiki) - try maybe 7-8 and imagine how you might do 
this quicker if diffoscope supported extra options.

(Sorry if you know or are already doing this - I just wanted to make sure, so 
that nobody is "blocked" waiting on other people unnecessarily.)

Anyway, hopefully other people will also add further suggestions. :)


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