Hi Gert,

thanks for reaching out to us! (And thanks Mattia for explaining the
reproducibility issues!)

On Thu, May 26, 2016 at 10:42:51AM +0200, Gert Wollny wrote:
> > For i386 there are both logs for build builds done on i386.
> Okay, now I've found them, the interface is a bit irritating though,
> because when opening the reproducible builds page amd64 is the default,
> and it eluded me that when clicking on one of the i386 builds the
> details in the pane above change. It would probably be better  to have
> the archs first listed and the according (changing) details below.

I don't really understand your suggestion (and I'm blind to flaws in the
UI as I spent to much time using+designing it…), could you maybe describe
this again, in other words, "ascii screenshots" or using gimp'ed screenshots? 


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