Hello Holger, 

Am Donnerstag, den 26.05.2016, 10:14 +0000 schrieb Holger Levsen:

> I don't really understand your suggestion (and I'm blind to flaws in
> the UI as I spent to much time using+designing it…), could you maybe
> describe this again, in other words, "ascii screenshots" or using
> gimp'ed screenshots? 

Sure, I've attached three screen shots of the side frame:

(a) repbuild-current-wf.png:
    Current status:  

- 1. When first opening the page I go down to the unreproducible builds
- 2. to find out about the different build environments I have to 
     go up again, which is not very intuitive.
(b) repbuild-wf-top-down.png:
    Proposal to reorder for simple top-down navigation 

- 1. When first opening the page I go down to the unreproducible builds
- 2. To find more details about the selected build I continue to go 
 down in the side menu.

(c) repbuild-inline.png
   The "I want ice cream" version: 

- when I select a certain build, the build details are added directly 
  below the according entry. 
  + the change in the side bar is clearly visible
  + One could actually save some vertical space because the version 
    and build target don't have to be repeated
  - Probably more difficult to implement, especially with static 

hope that gives you an idea of what I meant. 

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