Hi all,

I am having some issues with locales. And rejections from all over.

Sorry, I wish I would have started on this list for some context.

Here is a snippet of the main conversation. My woes are below.

> > Adding --build-id to LINK_FLAGS did not seem to help. I have narrowed it
> > down to kconfig_compiler auto generates some cpp files. The offending
> >
> > mTemplateString, QString::fromUtf8( "ᐅ %title% by %artist% from %album%
> > [%player%]" ) );
> >
> > This is placing whitespaces in front on build 1 and trailing on the
> > build. Is this a locale issue or ?  hints please, I have been fighting
> > one all day lol. Seems like that symbol might be issue? I am not a
> > programmer, well not yet.

you are right with your assumption that it is locale-related.
The second build has an additional 0xe19085 at the beginning,
which is a unicode character (triangle pointed to the right [1][2]):
The first build is running in a non-utf8 locale, in which the
kconfig_compiler seems to drop unicode characters.
(The zeroes at the end of the diff is probably just some padding to fill
it up to a certain length.)

I didn't check kconfig_compiler itself yet, but it probably has
to be fixed there.

Kind regards,

[1]: http://www.decodeunicode.org/en/u+1405

Setting export LC_ALL=C.UTF-8 in debian/rules works but rejected as
"hackish" so after further investigation...

Yes, it is kconfig_compiler

And adjusting the code there to encode utf-8 worked and made the build
reproducible. However,
I now have upstream questioning why is locale not set in one of the
builders? I need a good explanation and if possible the settings of these

Thanks for any help,
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