Karl Berry:
>     How does FORCE_SOURCE_DATE sound?
> Fine by me.  Shall I change the pdftex source?
> I don't much want to make a new release just for this, but it would be
> fine (in fact preferable) to me if you made the change in Debian now.
> Since after all the whole thing is for your purposes, you might as well
> have the name you want.  I doubt the discrepancy will cause any trouble.

OK, yes we can patch Debian like this. Though, please also change the pdftex 
source in version control.

Hopefully the next release isn't *too* far ahead - Debian is doing this in most 
depth at the moment, but other distributions are also following suit - FreeBSD, 
LEDE, SUSE and Guix already added support for SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH, and we know 
there's people working on it for Fedora and NixOS.


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