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Hi Reiner,

Reiner Herrmann wrote:
> While working on the "reproducible builds" effort [1], we have noticed
> that libembperl-perl could not be built reproducibly.

Thanks for the examination and the bug report.

> In one build the manpage Embperl::Syntax::POD.3pm is incorrectly sorted
> to the German manpages (Embperl::FeaturesD too), because their names end
> with D.

Why only in one build? Due to different locale settings? Anyway, if
there's a way that Embperl::Syntax::POD is installed as
/usr/share/man/de/man3/Embperl::Syntax::PO.3pm.gz, that's clearly a
bug and deserves a higher severity than just wishlist.

> As the package provides no German manpages anyway,

Sorry, but that's wrong:

→ dpkg -L libembperl-perl | egrep man/de/man./
→ man /usr/share/man/de/man3/Embperl::Features.3pm.gz

That's clearly my mother tongue. :-)

> I think the part in debian/rules, which moves the manpages can be
> safely removed.

I disagree at least with the reasoning here.

I nevertheless think, that if Embperl::Features.3pm is the only German
man page in the source package, we can remove it from the binary
package without much impact since that's the kind of documentation you
usually read _before_ installing the package, e.g. online on the
upstream website.

> -     # move German manpages to usr/share/man/de/man{1,2,3}
> -     @set -e;\
> -     for f in $(TMP)/usr/share/man/man3/*[a-z]D.3pm; do \
> -         f_de=`echo $$f | sed 
> 's,man\(.\)/\([^/]*\)D\.\([^/]*\)$$,de/man\1/\2.\3,'` ;\
> -         echo "mv $$f $$f_de" ;\
> -         mv $$f $$f_de ;\
> -     done

I currently fail to see why this can catch Embperl::Syntax::POD in one
build, but not in another. IMHO this should happen with every build.
Will investigate.

                Regards, Axel
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