Hello reproducible build folks!

I have recently encountered another reproducibility issue with
apt-listbugs. You may remember me from the previous issue [1].

Now, after the latest upload to unstable, I noticed that apt-listbugs
was not considered reproducible on armhf [2]. The log states:

  E: the second build failed, even though the first build was successful.

I am not sure I understand who's to blame: is there anything in
apt-listbugs that should be fixed?

Could you please tell me what I should do?
Should I just wait for the next attempt on armhf? Or is there anything
wrong to be fixed?

Please let me know.
Thanks a lot for your time and for any help you may provide.

N.B.: I am not subscribed to the reproducible-builds mailing list;
please CC me on replies, thanks for your understanding.


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