Hi Jonathan,

Quoting Jonathan McDowell (2016-07-25 22:29:39)
> Having been impressed by the current status of reproducible builds and
> the fact it looks like we're close to having the important pieces in
> Debian proper, I have started to have a look at how I could help out
> with this bug. I've done some poking around in the dak code, and think I
> have a vague idea of how to achieve what I think is wanted.

Having tried hacking dak myself, I want to especially thank you for looking
into that!

> (Additionally it is not clear to me where the dpkg status for buildinfo
> creation is; I have heard that it's close to happening, but I can't find
> anything on recent list archives about it - pointers appreciated!)

You are probably aware of #138409?

It scrolled out of my IRC history already but I think guillem said in
#debian-dpkg that releasing a dpkg version with buildinfo support was blocked
by coordination with dak because he wants to make sure that dpkg support aligns
with what dak ends up supporting.


cheers, josch

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