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2016-08-03 20:14 GMT+08:00 Chris Lamb <>:
> - default=os.getenv("HOME"),
> + default="$HOME",
> Unless I'm missing something, this won't work as $VARS are not expanded
> in Python..
> (What you probably want to do is set the default to ~/.mini-buildd and
> patch the callsites to use os.path.expanduser at "real" runtime.)

I intended to use "$HOME" string literally since I did not come up
with a better solution. :-(

The original author used os.getenv() in python argparse, so the output
of `mini-buildd --help' really depend on $HOME env var. Unfortunately
the man page is generated using help2man (or similar tool) [1] during
building process and reproducible build website will alter $HOME env
var to test reproducibility. So in my opinion there is no better
option except fixed text string. Mini-buildd script won't and
shouldn't detect if itself is running for help2man or for end-user.



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