>   http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/bug-xorriso/2015-06/msg00009.html
>   "we have /BOOT/GRUB/GRUB.CFG;1 with extent 2316 in the first build,
>    and extent 47 in the second."

Looks like I can reproduce that here:


(Seen/used our diffoscope tool, btw?)

> But to our luck, the "manipulator" aspect of xorriso offers an opportunity
> to express your idea of equivalent input.
> I have to put the plight on you to trigger this by an extra option.

I'm really sorry but I believe that in your polite and kind manner I
have lost what you are saying. :(

> timestamps of the Boot Catalog file. Caused by
> http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~libburnia-team/libisofs/scdbackup/view/head:/libisofs/eltorito.c#L300
> Else it would riddle me, why this did not hit you.

This amuses me quite a bit as I actually had a patch that changed this
but I did not send it over as a very brief test suggested it was not
needed (!).

(Note that I believe this appears in the diffoscope output above.)


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