> I propose that one of the builds disable parallelism entirely

So, just to be 100% clear, simply varying DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="parallel=X"
would not have discovered this gedit bug? (Related, our list of variations
between the builds can be viewed online[0])

> I want to go ahead and push parallel-building-enabled-by-default
> forward in pkg-gnome, but I (obviously) don't want to manually
> diffoscope the several hundred packages involved.

Ah, so this is mostly a one-off to justify that you would not break too
many things before you enable it…? If so, I can think of a few hacky and
temporary solutions.

(Can you also clarify what you are saying would be arduous about "manually"
diffoscoping? If the package is reproducible, then diffoscope would clearly
return nothing…)

 [0] https://tests.reproducible-builds.org/debian/index_variations.html


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