Holger wrote:

> I think regarding Debian releases, I'd recommend that we aim for
> partially reproducible packages given known build paths

I agree. We should, regrettably, define a fixed build path for stretch
at this point in the release cycle.

I do not believe we would have enough resources to fix the issues that
would arise in time to make the case for a reproducible stretch as it
would, of course, need to be made well before the release date itself.

> shall we wait til testing/i386 has been built once fully with build
> path variation so we *know* the number I currently guesstimate as 75-80%??

Whilst I'm curious, knowing the number makes no difference to me; I
would recommend the same course of action whether it was "too low" or
"fine". This also avoids a subjective debate on which these terms
would apply to the number.

> shall we enable build path variation for unstable and experimental
> for all tested archs now?

Yes, please go ahead as this reflects our goals for stretch+1. I vehemently
believe our numbers should match our goals as close as reasonably possible.


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