If the reproducible builds autobuilders continue to build with
(the equivalent of) "dpkg-buildpackage", the following FTBFS will be

Packages which FTBFS in every autobuilder, including "Arch: all" if it
were uploaded in source-only form, like this one:

or the funny list of "Arch: all" packages having their binary-arch and
binary-indep targets swapped:;tag=arch-all-swapped-binary-targets

none of which FTBFS in (or at least not
for that reason), but would FTBFS if they were uploaded in source-only

Some time ago I proposed Holger to setup a queue for "dpkg-buildpackage -A".

But that's probably not good enough.

The ideal thing would be to have separate queues for "dpkg-buildpackage -A"
and "dpkg-buildpackage -B" and just forget about "dpkg-buildpackage".

This is really the "standard", what the official autobuilders do,
and what they will probably continue to do when everybody makes
source-only uploads, or maybe when the ftp-master queue start
ignoring the .debs and just pass the source to all the autobuilders.

It could be argued that "We are mainly interested in the
reproducibility issue, the FTBFS bugs are just a side effect".

And to that I would say "Fine, but what's the point in making a
package reproducible when it does not even build from source to begin


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