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I need a hint how to fix "captures_build_path" with libburn:

  "If using autoconf, make sure you call ./configure via a relative
   and not absolute path."

The tests 2016-07-26 amd64 and 2016-08-13 armhf yielded reproducibility
with the same debian package.
So something must have changed with the test procedure which i now have
to compensate.

The diffoscope result indicates that it is about doxygen.conf, which now
bears the parent name of the build directory.

My knowledge about ./debian/rules is limited. I assume it is about

          dh $@ --with autoreconf

but have no idea how to influence its behavior so that the old habits
are re-instated.

Since the equipment of libisofs and libisoburn is similar, it has
to be expected that they will fail with their next test runs, too.
They have not yet. libisoburn had its last test 2016-08-22.

Have a nice day :)


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