It seems that the error lies in the handling of the dmg layer. If I
manually extract the dmg files using 7z from the p7zip-full package,
then diffoscope doesn't crash. I.e.,

mkdir -p 20160806-6.5a1-965e0daa7d59{,-2}/m
7z x 20160806-6.5a1-965e0daa7d59/TorBrowser-6.5a1-osx64_en-US.dmg 
7z x 20160806-6.5a1-965e0daa7d59-2/TorBrowser-6.5a1-osx64_en-US.dmg 
diffoscope --text diff.txt 20160806-6.5a1-965e0daa7d59{,-2}/m

diffoscope seems to treat the dmg file as a bzip2-compressed iso9660
filesystem image, when it is something more than that. Here is how the
dmg file is being created. I don't know exactly what the libdmg-hfsplus
command is doing.

genisoimage -D -V "Tor Browser" -no-pad -R -apple -o 
~/build/tbb-uncompressed.dmg -path-list ~/build/filelist.txt -graft-points -gid 
20 -dir-mode $EXE_MODE -new-dir-mode $EXE_MODE
cd ~/build
~/build/libdmg-hfsplus/dmg/dmg dmg tbb-uncompressed.dmg $DMGFILE

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