Hi folks,

I'm trying to understand this:

On Tue, 30 Aug 2016, Daniel Kahn Gillmor wrote:
> furthermore, recent versions of gnupg (>= 2.1) do not fetch things from
> keyservers directly -- if you want modern gpg to talk to the network,
> you'll need to ensure that dirmngr is installed.

Do you really "want modern gpg to talk to the network", always, or
should that be optional.

Yet another dependency.  Yet another (useless) daemon.  Yet more
configurations.  Makes me worry.

`man 8 dirmngr':

        For historical reasons it is also possible to start dirmngr in
        a system daemon  mode  which  uses  a different directory
        layout.  However, this mode is deprecated and may eventually
        be removed.

Will the daemon be used in this context?

Shouldn't that be a Recommends, instead?  dirmngr is "Priority:

What about the scenario when one must go through a very strict proxy
to reach the net?


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