Chris Lamb:
> tag 836732 + pending
> thanks
>> Not sure how much related they are, but I guess it means something given
>> that it's not in the English build.
> I don't really understand why that would be causing an error but we follow
> your assumption that the "return" that is causing the FTBFS, then it was
> removed and thus fixed in Git already:

I think this has nothing to do with locale. The problem is that dash and
bash are treating 'return' differently.

  $ bash -c 'true; return $?' && echo ok
  bash: line 0: return: can only `return' from a function or sourced script
  $ dash -c 'true; return $?' && echo ok

So depending on what is used as /bin/sh the build fails or not.


If it's not needed at all that's nice. Else you could replace 'return'
with 'exit'.

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