Mattia Rizzolo wrote:
> > In case this was on purpose: Why? It's so helpful to quickly notice
> > which bug reports came in via (which) mailing list and which are ones
> > for packages I'm interested in.
> This thread happened:

*sigh* Missed that discussion and would have disagreed (and still do).

> BTW, no lists on l.d.o have a prefix,

Yes, which is occassionally confusing, especially if mails go to
multiple lists.

> I suppose that people interested in sorting/filtering mails in
> debian have their way to filter emails somehow already :)

Prepare to see any of my replies to the list to have the tag added
again :-P as I have added Santiago's procmail hack (and it's IMHO
clearly a hack and the Mailman solution would be cleaner) slightly
modified to my .procmailrc.

Thanks Santiago!

(And yes, reproducible-builds mails go directly in my inbox.)

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