Sascha Steinbiss:
> Hi all,
> I’d like to contribute to the build path discussion as well with a few
> observations I made when trying to fix reproducibility problems
> related to that in my packages. In addition to the problem already
> raised by Ximin concerning upstream storing CFLAGS in artifacts, most
> of the issues I noticed were related to build path capture via
> __FILE__. __FILE__ is typically set to the exact source file path
> passed to the compiler, and in quite common cases where it is used in
> debugging statements etc. it is included as a string in the final
> binaries’ rodata section. So if upstream’s build system passes
> absolute source paths and __FILE__ is used, the binaries will be
> different even with -fdebug-prefix-map set :( This problem
> particularly shows in build systems that run builds outside the source
> tree like CMake, which makes use of absolute paths a lot. There is
> apparently an option CMAKE_USE_RELATIVE_PATHS but it is apparently
> unreliable [1] and did not help in a single case for me. I’ll take a
> look at the list of reproducible packages build-depending on CMake [2]
> later and try to learn something.
> Any ideas what to do about that in general? I can imagine that patch
> complexity would be increased a lot by trying to address this solely
> at the build system level, which also probably isn't always possible.
> One might think of a solution closer to the compiler, such as:

I agree that fixing this in CMake and co. is not a great solution.

> a) Introducing something like -ffile-prefix-map similarly to
> -fdebug-prefix-map to address this issue. There is already an
> unreviewed patch for gcc submitted by an unrelated party [3] and I
> could try and raise awareness for this bug with the GCC devs. However,
> this option would be incompatible with old compilers and hence
> probably not easily enabled in the default dpkg-buildflags. IMHO it
> would be a good thing to have though.

If I understood Guillem correctly he is fine with dpkg-buildflags in
unstable to export compiler flags which are only supported by the
compilers in unstable. So a new flag would be ok.

> b) Using something like libelf or bin_replace_string [4] to remove or
> replace the build path in the resulting binary, e.g. as part of
> strip-nondeterminism. Not a permanent solution but would do the job.

I wold recommend against this approach. On the one hand side the
concept of patching the binaries after the build is not nice. On the
practical side I would expect quite some failures. The other
post-processing of strip-nondeterminism already created some problems. So
I would be careful with patching binaries in a large portion of

> c) Any other ideas?

I think we should try to convince GCC upstream of a solution (new flag
or debug-prefix-map or something else).

And if we can convince GCC upstream of a SOURCE_ROOT environment variable
or something similar the flags can be automatically set.

> Cheers
> Sascha
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]
> [4]

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