New armhf board up and ready for configuration.

Thanks to Nvidia for the donation, and to Martin Michlmayr and Eric
Brower for making the arrangements!
Jetson-TK1, nvidia tegra-k1 (cortex-a15) quad-core, 2GB ram
ssh port: 2246
ssh fingerprints:
256 ec:8e:dc:22:dd:69:d0:4e:01:bc:60:66:89:e6:8b:52 (ECDSA)
2048 ff:a6:b6:34:0c:24:c7:a6:71:7a:cb:e3:0e:3d:ea:07 (RSA)
256 4b:9a:a8:e2:b9:57:6c:5b:54:93:63:ef:1f:ce:b5:c2 (ED25519)

Once it's fully configured and ready for builds, please reallocate
opi2a's jobs to jtk1a, so I can take opi2a offline to troubleshoot some
ongoing issues. Might still be a net gain in performance, as the
cortex-a15 CPUs and native SATA *should* be faster.

Nvidia also donated another Jetson-TK1 board, but I'll be using that for
linux, u-boot and debian-installer testing/troubleshooting for the near
future to try and make sure it's well supported for Debian Stretch.

live well,

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