> Sascha Steinbiss:
>> a) Introducing something like -ffile-prefix-map similarly to
>> -fdebug-prefix-map to address this issue. There is already an
>> unreviewed patch for gcc submitted by an unrelated party [3] and I
>> could try and raise awareness for this bug with the GCC devs. However,
>> this option would be incompatible with old compilers and hence
>> probably not easily enabled in the default dpkg-buildflags. IMHO it
>> would be a good thing to have though.
> If I understood Guillem correctly he is fine with dpkg-buildflags in
> unstable to export compiler flags which are only supported by the
> compilers in unstable. So a new flag would be ok.

This is my preferred approach as well. On top of [3] we should add a patch for 
GCC to use SOURCE_ROOT_DIR[*] for -ffile-prefix-map if it is not set on the 
command line.

This would be consistent with our other approaches, and this consistency would 
help to strengthen the legitimacy of this approach more broadly too.


[*] name TBD, see the other thread "Minimising work needed for this build-path 

>> [1] http://public.kitware.com/pipermail/cmake/2013-January/053114.html
>> [2] https://paste.debian.net/806611
>> [3] https://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=70268
>> [4] http://ohnopub.net/~ohnobinki/bin_replace_string/

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