Hi all,

I've uploaded this to DELAYED/12, the commits are here:


I also took this chance to fix the existing RC bugs.


Ximin Luo:
> Hi Bastian,
> I'm wondering if you could get around to this pull request soon?
> https://github.com/venthur/python-popcon/pull/2
> We would like it to make this page more accurate:
> https://tests.reproducible-builds.org/index_issues.html
> At the moment we are assuming that source and binary packages are the same 
> (since that is all python-popcon offers) which gives wildly inaccurate 
> results, e.g. it thinks linux "has popcon score 5".
> I'm also happy to take over maintenance of this package, if you don't have 
> the time for that.
> X

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