On 14 September 2016 at 17:03, Mattia Rizzolo <mat...@debian.org> wrote:

> On Wed, Sep 14, 2016 at 04:55:44PM +1200, Michael Hudson-Doyle wrote:
> > Dear Maintainer,
> Hi.

Thanks for the quick reply!

> > As of version 60, the basic-command-line autopkgtest fails:
> >
> > https://ci.debian.net/packages/d/diffoscope/unstable/amd64/
> yeah..
> I forgot that I've added new bits that prints stderr...
> > ... I've just noticed that this is probably fixed in git, so maybe I'm
> > just asking for an upload :-)
> peaking at your email address, noticing your @ubuntu.com domain and a
> local part that gives away you're a canonical employer, you are probably
> mostly interest at the failures at
>     http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/d/diffoscope
> instead.

You are completely correct.

>   Be aware that that's not the only thing failing there.  I
> failed to debug that last time, and I wanted to actually try it again
> with more time resources for the next upload.

I've had a poke at this and the "'nm' not available in path. Falling back
to binary comparison' clued me into the difference: binutils is already
installed in the testbed for the debian tests but not the Ubuntu ones (for
the successful run of the pytest test, both binutils and binutils-multiarch
are installed as part of installing autopkgtest-satdep, but in Debian only
binutils-multiarch is). If I run the tests with adt-run --shell, wait for
the failing test and then log into the box and install binutils, the tests
then pass.
What I can't say is whether this indicates a bug in diffoscope or just that
these tests should be skipped if nm is not there...

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