Hello ,

My name is joannah from Uganda,Africa.I am an aeronautical engineering
student at the east African school of aviation.

I want to apply to Debian for the round 13 outreach internships.Iam curious
and love learning things that a few people can master.

I am proficient in go ,python ,ruby ,and c#.

I have been contributing to an open source project called qutebrowser
https://github.com/nanjekyejoannah which is a vim like browser based on

I want to contribute to reproducible builds during the internship with a
strong interest on diffoscope but I am very flexible.

Kindly advise on how I can get started contributing as I apply for the
outreach internship.


Joannah Nanjekye
F : Nanjekye Captain Joannah
S : joannah.nanjekye
T : @captainjoannah
SO : joannah

*"You think you know when you learn, are more sure when you can write, even
more when you can teach, but certain when you can program." Alan J. Perlis*
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