Dear Mattia,

Thanks for the welcome and feedback.

I like actively being part of ambitious missions and in my view Debian is
spot on through the projects currently being worked on and maintained. The
projects that Debian is undertaking during the internship I believe will
greatly shape my career and knowledge in software development.

After looking through the skill set needed , I also saw a good fit for me
here save for a few other skills I may need to learn through the
application process especially getting comfortable with packaging. I will
endeavor I polish up before the deadline on some of them.

I was also drawn to Debian pretty much due to the community. It is an
engaging and easily accessible one and to me this is very important. I was
in touch with people in this community even people I decided to apply for
outreachy who freely shared what they knew with me. I almost got tempted to
mention names but I wont:). A big thanks even in their anonymity.

I have an idea on concurrent programming much using .net where I used to
write banking programs that would run simultaneously in windows services.
Jobs like unattended running of end of day processes for applications that
ran on top of core banking, automated end of day and bank statement
transmission through sending transaction files to utility companies on a
daily basis. These programs ran at the same time and simultaneously and
were self starting. I hope to learn much more as I work with Debian.

I would like to begin by working on this bug. You can walk
me through how I can own a bug so that I don't work on the same bug with
some one else unknowingly and links to the general work flow guidelines of
submitting a patch the Debian way if there are any things I need to note.

Kind regards,

On Sun, Sep 25, 2016 at 5:20 PM, Mattia Rizzolo <> wrote:

> I'm not sure why the Reply-To header pointed to the list only, but afaik
> you are not subscribed, so I'll keep your address in the recipients.
> Also, you wrote to me privately the day before, but as public
> discussions are always better, I reply only to this :)
> On Sat, Sep 24, 2016 at 06:09:35PM +0300, joannah nanjekye wrote:
> > My name is joannah from Uganda,Africa.I am an aeronautical engineering
> > student at the east African school of aviation.
> >
> > I want to apply to Debian for the round 13 outreach internships.
> sure, welcome! \o/
> > Iam curious
> > and love learning things that a few people can master.
> great thing that you love learning new things, but I really don't
> consider our work as something "few people can master", really ;)
> > I want to contribute to reproducible builds during the internship with a
> > strong interest on diffoscope but I am very flexible.
> that's great!
> Questions:
>  * why did you chose Debian between all the organizations?
>  * do you have any experience with concurrent programming?  A long
>    wanted feature of diffoscope for which we only have a working PoC (if
>    I understood correctly it status) is parallel diffoscope, and I'm
>    eagerly looking for anybody able to continue that work…
> > Kindly advise on how I can get started contributing as I apply for the
> > outreach internship.
> Given that you throw yourself over diffoscope, I'd say a first step for
> you could be to pick a bug ( and
> try to fix it.  Or, try the program and sends us any kind of
> improvements.
> For any question, you can ask in this mailing list
> (, in the diffoscope ML
> (, or on IRC
> (#debian-reproducible in OFTC).
> If you pick a mailing list, please subscribe to it.
> Thank you!
> --
> regards,
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