On Feb 15,  9:42pm, hol...@layer-acht.org (Holger Levsen) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: Thanks for the extra run

| Hi Christos,
| are you subscribed or should I keep cc:ing you?

I am subscribed.

| git clone git.debian.org/git/qa/jenkins.debian.net.git=20
| cd jenkins.debian.net
| $editor bin/reproducible_netbsd.sh
| $send_that_patch ;)
| is probably the best way to make us vary more things, but sadly not just as
| straightforward as it could be. (The code is also grown shell code.)

Ok, but how do I test it?

| That said: we very happily take patches, also equally "crappy" and totally
| untested ones, as long as they look sane enough to only affect NetBSD ;-)

Ah, that's ok then...

| > I also promise to document all the problems I found and fixed, because
| > they might be also relevant to your builds.
| yay. btw, do you have some status/wiki/etc page describing the status of
| reproducible NetBSD? (IOW: a 2nd URL to add to reproducible-builds.org/who
| ?!)

I will work on all that!



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