On Thu, Feb 16, 2017 at 09:58:00AM +0000, Ximin Luo wrote:
> > |Thu Feb 16 03:30:35 UTC 2017  E: otb failed to build reproducibly in 
> > experimental on i386.
> Where did you do this? On the page for otb on tests.r-b.org in the rbuild.log 
> I see:
> Mon Jan 23 06:11:14 UTC 2017  E: otb failed to build reproducibly in unstable 
> on amd64.

You are lookig on unstable/amd64, I look at experimental/i386 (read the

other packages that might have similar messagges:

2.4M    ./girara_unstable_armhf_tmp-OdOGN
15M     ./madness_testing_arm64_tmp-6cC4d
16M     ./lazarus_unstable_arm64_tmp-NRSHQ
25M     ./opal_unstable_arm64_tmp-fvWhN
32M     ./libgtkada_experimental_i386_tmp-D9a8y
90M     ./libgtkada_experimental_armhf_tmp-ZK0R3
106M    ./itksnap_testing_amd64_tmp-r0qPs
233M    ./gcc-avr_unstable_arm64_tmp-GiDvh
282M    ./connectome-workbench_experimental_i386_tmp-qz15D
339M    ./scribus-ng_experimental_i386_tmp-eO3ve
346M    ./octave_experimental_i386_tmp-iTHf3
573M    ./mariadb-10.0_unstable_arm64_tmp-ZX1Jo
626M    ./asl_unstable_arm64_tmp-kK0ay
627M    ./gmsh_testing_amd64_tmp-U0i82
670M    ./gcc-mingw-w64_unstable_arm64_tmp-RySny
1.1G    ./magics++_testing_amd64_tmp-bSrFG
2.9G    ./libreoffice_unstable_arm64_tmp-SleAn
3.1G    ./blender_unstable_arm64_tmp-YEcAH
4.5G    ./espresso_testing_arm64_tmp-5Jpk0
4.8G    ./mongodb_testing_amd64_tmp-IETFA
5.5G    ./icedove_unstable_i386_tmp-UKZGF
13G     ./espresso_testing_amd64_tmp-hZlQq
14G     ./polymake_unstable_arm64_tmp-gUfUC
16G     ./espresso_unstable_arm64_tmp-oYmFV
20G     ./metview_testing_amd64_tmp-MQ7e1
24G     ./otb_experimental_i386_tmp-C27b2
110G    .

> This possibly means diffoscope got a second SIGTERM whilst it was trying to 
> clean up the first one. But this isn't present in your example above.

We only do
    timout 120m nice schroot <some options> diffoscope <some options>
so it should really receive only one SIGTERM.

> I tried to download this URL but it looks like it's been deleted already. :(

Yes, I deleted everything, as it was filling the diskā€¦ (and disabled the
saving of artifacts, again).
Besides, the temporary directory is 700, so it would need a chmod to be
visible on the web.

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