On Tue, Feb 21, 2017 at 03:23:00PM +1300, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Indeed, due to disk space issues on this server. I'd made a bunch of
> optimisations over the past few weeks to reduce the disk usage (ie.
> storing .buildinfo files on S3) but the Postgres parts that are
> storing the Installed-Build-Depends tuples are huge.
what disk space requirements are we talking about here? 20g? 100g? 10g?

> I will either drop these for now or come up with a clever solution.

any eta for this?

> (I already have in-depth monitoring for buildinfo.debian.net so feel
> free to drop these).

Is your monitoring publically accessable? Or non-publically? :)

As tests.r-b.o is a shared setup and since buildinfo.d.n is or should
become a core part of this I'd like to know when it's not working…


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