Quoting Russ Allbery (2017-08-12 09:57:44)
> I think we need to add all environment variables starting with DEB_* to
> the prerequisites.  If you set DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nostrip or
> DEB_BUILD_MAINT_OPTIONS=hardening=all, you'll definitely get a different
> package, for instance.
> I feel like there are a bunch of other environment variables that have to
> be consistent, although I'm not sure how to specify that since other
> environment variables shouldn't matter.  But, say, setting GNUTARGET is
> very likely to cause weirdness by changing how ld works.  There are
> probably more interesting examples.
> How does the current reproducible build testing work with the environment?
> Maybe we should just document that for right now and relax it later if
> needed?

currently, dpkg-genbuildinfo records all environment variables in a .buildinfo
file which pass a whitelist check. The current whitelist is stored here:


I'm not proposing that this whole list should be added to policy. But the list
that ends up in policy must be a subset of the list of environment variables
that dpkg-genbuildinfo stores in the .buildinfo file. Thus:

 - this list from dpkg should give a number of good suggestions of which
   environment variables should be added to policy

 - if any additional variables are added, then they must be added to
   dpkg-genbuildinfo as well.


cheers, josch

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