Hi all,

Update on this:

On 17-10-30 18:21:39, Georg Faerber wrote:
> On 17-06-15 21:19:12, Georg Faerber wrote:
> > I really would like to make the build of schleuder, a gpg enabled
> > mailing list, reproducible. However, I'm a bit lost on my own,
> > that's why I'm searching for input with this mail:
> tl;dr: Due to recent changes and fixes upstream, schleuder now does
> build reproducible. For details, please read on.

Well, this wasn't true back then, however, it looks better now [1].
This is mainly because of this commit [2].

@dkg: I strongly believe that dirmngr still has some problems if invoked
in a chroot without network access, which is why the above commit was
needed. Also, one job recently still failed on the tests.r-b.o infra:
GPG reported "connecting dirmngr failed: IPC connect call failed".
Searching on the Internets leads to [3], however, I'm unsure what to do
regarding this. Any input?



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