2018-04-06 09:11 EDT, Rasa Bočytė <rboc...@beeldengeluid.nl>:

> If I understand correctly, ReproZip can describe environments that are
> necessary to run a particular software or a web application that is used to
> create a dynamic website (Nikola in the case of your website or Django with
> StackedUp).

ReproZip can capture any software environment. That can be a web server,
that is serving a website (possibly dynamic), for example in the Django
case. Nikola is *not* a web server, it is a program that generates static
files initially, and those files will later be served to user through the
use of a web server.

Would it work if there is no such software? [...] could it capture the
> environment if the content is placed on a server just as files and folders
> with no software?

Every website necessarily has a web server. If all the content is in static
files without any kind of database or dynamic aspect to it (like files
generated by Nikola), preservation is a lot easier, since you can just zip
up those files. Is this your use case?

Rémi Rampin
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