Pl forward this to your consultant and ask for his/her comfort level and
Samples needed

Location: Olympia, WA
Duration is 8 months

*Below are the requirement and the samples they need from the candidates*

  2. Qualifications- Mandatory and Highly Desirable Experience and

                        a. Mandatory Experience and Qualifications for
proposed candidates:

                         Senior to expert level with at least 5 years of IT
experience Designing and documenting hardware, software and network
solutions for application systems.

                        Object Oriented Analysis, Design and Programming

                        .NET & C# programming.

                        Microsoft (SQL Server) Reporting Services


                        Interfaces and remote upload processes. .

b. Highly Desired Experience and Qualifications for proposed candidates:

                        Demonstrated strong people skills.


                        Demonstrated ability to work in a team environment,
facilitate communication amongst its members, and to bring a group to a



                        Proven ability to work with processes for the
review, negotiation, and acceptance of formal project deliverables.

                        c. Other Desirable Skills/Experience for proposed
                        Demonstrated knowledge or previous experience
re-hosting applications or Cobol to .NET conversions.
                        Demonstrated knowledge or previous experience in
interface development or interface rewrites.
                        Demonstrated knowledge or previous experience with
financial applications (accounting, budget, payroll, banking, cash
management, payables/receivables, grants, etc.)
                        Demonstrated knowledge or previous experience
working with accountants, budget analysts, financial auditors, or other
financially oriented users.

*Documents to be provided*

                        In two to three pages or less, describe a similar
project completed by the Proposed Candidate(s). Include the outcomes
achieved for the customer. Identify this customer and provide contact
information (name, telephone, email, etc).

                        Provide samples of the technical deliverables
created by the proposed candidate(s). Suggested samples include:

                        o Entity Relationship Diagrams
                        o Data Dictionaries
                        o Object References
                        o Application Flows
                        o User Interface Mockups and Specifications
                        o Database Programmability Objects

 We would need to know how many years the candidate has worked in the above
technologies and on what projects they were used.

Krishna Mohan
Manager - HR/Accounts
(Putting all technologies to work)
Phone:(615) 838-4747
Fax: (615) 807-4747

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