Dear Associate

We have a client who has a Lawson Project.  We need a team composed of the

Location: Helena, Montana
Duration: 6-9 months

The project team assigned by contractor must include experienced resources
in the following categories (some resources with appropriate experience may
share roles):

Project management experience in this type of implementation, duties
·        Sign acceptance forms of deliverables to acknowledge receipt from
·        Be responsible for the management and deployment.
·        Facilitate regular communication with the Agency Project Managers,
including weekly status reports/updates, and review the project performance
against the project plan.
·        Serve as an interface between the Agency Project Manager.
·        Any other specific Project Management tasks as assigned by Agency
Project Management.
Lawson certified implementers with experience implementing the Lawson S3
General ledger, Lawson Business Intelligence Suite and other reporting/query

Designated financial resource experienced with GASB financial reporting
requirements for Agency's governmental financial statements, and Statutory
Accounting or SAP reporting standards as defined by the National Association
of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) for our financial statements prepared on
an insurance accounting basis.

Resources experienced with mapping financial accounts from PeopleSoft
General Ledger v 8.9, Oracle 9i and 10g databases and consolidating other
data from various sources including; XML files, CSV files and Excel
spreadsheets to the Lawson General Ledger.

Resources experienced with creating custom built Financial Reports and
management reports using the Lawson software tools.
Ability to train Agency end-users on entire suite of Lawson products related
to this SOW including, financial reporting and query tools, development
tools, etc.

Thanks a lot

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