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Location: Chicago, IL

Duration: 9 months

Rate: $45/hr all inclusive (MAX)

Interview: Phone and in –Person.

IDMS DBA Roles and Responsibilities:

There are two major areas that an IDMS DBA must work in: Physical and

Physical work includes:

   - Enlarging, shrinking and in general, matching the physical file sizes
   of databases to the optimal size for the row/indexes contained within. This
   means having just the right amount of free space available for growth.
   - Physical maintenance includes: UNLOAD/RELOADS, EXPAND PAGE and MAINTAIN
   - Related to physical maintenance is the monitoring of available free
   space via PRINT SPACE, monitoring of index structures via PRINT INDEX and
   observing the online efficiency of buffer ratios: Found-in-Buffer: Hard-I-O
   - Monitoring the OLP log for potential application problems

Logical work includes:

   - Adding new records [rows] and sets [constraints] to the database schema
   when changes to the logical database are needed. Related to this is an
   advising applications programmer which programs need to be recompiled –
   - Adding new fields [columns] to existing records. And then, following on
   with a RESTRUCTURE and/or one-time initialization program.
   - Any addition of new elements or records - database or non-database –
   can be considered logical DBA work
   - These are the PRIMARY roles and responsibilities of a DBA. However,
   there are many more ancillary roles.

Ancillary work includes:

   - Assisting programmers in database navigation and techniques
   - Ensuring that the database software is up-to-date and functioning
   - Examining specific pages, records and sets in the database when
   problems arise
   - Backup, restore and recovery of databases
   - Creation and on-going maintenance of test environments

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IT logix

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