*Dear Friend,*

*I'd like to share something on this event of New Year 2009*

*I am not a New Year's Resolution kind of guy.* What I mean by that is I
have always maintained a sort of stoic, January 1st is simply one day after
December 31st. The year change has little true significance in our grand
scheme of things it is simply a marker, another day, etc. In the past I have
felt and pretty much still believe, that you don't wait for such artificial
markers to institute change.

I am the man who is thirsty of kissing the sky.
Help me please.
At least in the coming year 2009, let me kiss the sky.
Please don't ask me why.
Some wishes why and how they generate nobody knows.
If you know please tell me.
>From childhood I had this wish, the wish to kiss the sky.
I felt it keeps my pride very high, just equal to sky.
Several times, I stretched my hands to touch the sky.
I didn't succeed, so went to the terrace of a 10 storied building and tried
No…I didn't get success. What a disappointment!!
What we desire, we never get…oops.
Wright brothers understood real pain in my disappointment.
They worked hard and developed a toy, which we call now an airplane.
I felt very happy while boarding on to it.
Yeah…I am going to kiss the sky.
But alas…when I looked out from my side window, I saw clouds well below my
Many times I thought clouds were the sky, so touching clouds keeps me so
But I was in the plane which was well above the clouds.

So sky does not mean could, it is above the clouds.
I looked up from the window; everything appeared bluish black, just like the
one I saw from my lawn.
I felt desperate. I wish to kiss the sky. Huh…Huh!
My next seat person was Warner Von Braun. He observed how my eyes glued to
the window studying the sky and how I said Huh…Huh several times.
He asked me the reason. While controlling tears, I told him my wish…a wish
to kiss the sky.
I didn't laugh like my friends. He nodded his head with deep understanding
of my wish.
Later he invented a Rocket and presented it to me. He told me "My friend…Go
and fulfill your wish." His team mates and many others joined together and
constructed a spacecraft.
They said unanimously "Friend…Go and fulfill your wish."
You can't understand how much happiness I felt.
I thought of celebrations after coming back after kissing the sky.
I sat in the spacecraft which was launched successfully.
My spacecraft reached thousands of kilometers away from the earth.
Strange…first of all my spacecraft reached another globe like earth.
No…finding another globe was not my wish.
I wish to kiss the sky.
Moved further, my spacecraft was roaming like a weapon in the hands of mad
I found several globes but didn't succeed to touch the sky to kiss it.
After fuel was over, my spacecraft threw me to my lawn again.
Every one congratulated me for roaming around the earth and touching all the
They made big celebrations.
But I was with uncontrollable tears.
Every one thought those tears were due to successful space journey.
But I only know that I faced utter failure. I lost interest in everything.
Some people thought I became mad.
Ordinary people never understand the scientist's mind.
No I can't leave it. I have to develop something else.
That something else should help me to kiss the sky and keep my pride so
Don't ask me its name now. You are going to know it very soon.
Millions of people realized pain in my heart.
They determined to help me in fulfilling my wish of kissing the sky.
They formed groups, forgot their personal lives, working on this mission day
and night.
Very soon they will present me something else which helps me in kissing the
Let that invention of something else takes place in 2009.
I pray for it. You too pray for it please.

I heard somebody murmuring "What we wish we never get and what we get never
satisfies us."
I say "if there is a guarantee of fulfillment, it is not a wish. Mystery
creates curiosity and becomes a wish. It is there from the days of Adam and
Eve and solution to every mystery became a history."

Happy New Year to You All

Thanks and Regards,

John Victor

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