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Role:    *            SAN VMWare SME*

Location:         Washington DC

Length:            1 month

*Interview:       phone*


*MUST have secret clearance*


The Humanitarian Information Unit (HIU), drawing on all-source intelligence,
provides value added independent analysis of events to Department
policymakers, ensures that intelligence activities support foreign policy
and national security purposes; and serves as the focal point in the
Department for ensuring policy review of sensitive  counterintelligence and
law enforcement activities. HIU's primary mission is to harness intelligence
to serve U.S. diplomacy. The bureau also analyzes geographical and
international boundary issues. HIU would like to refresh aging servers in
their development network as well as utilize virtualization to improve
system utilization, increase system reliability and reduce administrative
overhead. These applications in the development network primarily consist of
imaging applications and web services that run on a Windows platform.
Internal users at HIU test applications in this network as well as share
imagery data with external customers and constituents via FTP


The new environment solution consists of the following:

• Three (3) HP DL360 Proliant G5 servers

• One (1) NetApp FAS2050 with thirty-four (34) 300GB disk drives (~ 5TB of
useable space)

• NetApp Snapshot, iSCSI, A-SIS and Nearstore software

• One (1) 42u HP rack w/ PDUs

• One (1) IP-based KVM console and 17" TFT LCD screen

• Twenty Four (24)-port ProCurve gigabit Ethernet switch

• VMware Virtual Infrastructure 3 Enterprise (VI3)

• VMware High Availability (HA)

• VMware Distributed Resource Scheduling (DRS)

• VMware Distributed Power Management (DPM)

• VMware Virtual Center


*Catalog physical servers to be converted to the SAN Storage, including
physical and** **logical configuration, references, shares, performance HIU:

o The inventory of all server error logs to ensure no persistent or major
errors are occurring

o The inventory of all servers to ensure prompt and complete backups and
anti-virus updates

o The inventory of all servers to ensure all operating system and
applications are up to date and properly patched

o The inventory of all server media to ensure existence of backup copies of
all server operating system and applications

o The inventory of all government-provided equipment to ensure provided
equipment meets specifications necessary for target applications and
operating systems

o The inventory of all operating system licenses and application licenses to
ensure licenses are appropriate and sufficient for target virtualized

o The catalog of servers for Conversion, including physical and logical
configuration, location, performance, users

o The catalog of servers for Migration, including physical and logical
configuration, location, performance, users

• Document a detailed Work Plan for Conversion and SAN Logical disk layout

• Document LUN layout for each physical server to be converted from the DAS
drives in existing servers to virtual machines located on shared storage

• Document Snapshot and Volume Copy backup design

• Document Plan for conversion and migration

*Install and configure VMware VI 3 on new servers*

• Install and configure VMware Control Center on Windows 2003 VM

• Install and configure VMware High availability (HA)

• Install and configure VMware Distributed Resource Scheduling (DRS)

• Install and configure VMware Distributed Power Management (DPM)

• Execute Conversion Instructions for each physical server

• Confirm Conversion Plan and document completion

• Execute LUN layout for Virtual machine requirements

• Configure Snapshot and Volume Copy backup design and test backup/restores
of each

virtual machine

• Document As-Built for each new virtual machine and for data migration

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IT Logix


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