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*End Client/Project:                         Hospital Exercise after Action
Review Analyses Project, Florida Department of Health, Tallahassee FL ***
*Position Opening:     Business Consultant/Analyst, - Health Preparedness
Emergency Medical Operations, Tallahassee, FL. *

*Work Locations:                               Tallahassee, FL*

*Anticipated Start Date: ASAP*

*Length of Contract:                            April 27, 2009 through June
30, 2009.*

*Project Description:                Business Consultant/Analyst - Health
Preparedness Emergency Medical Operations *


Many hospitals have received Federal HRSA and ASPR Hospital Preparedness
Program (HHP) funds from the Florida Department of Health (FDOH) through the
Office of Public Health Preparedness (PHP).  These hospitals have been
funded to and can elect to perform a disaster exercise.  If they do this,
the contract requires them to exercise different components of their
disaster plans and document their performance using a specific evaluation
instrument.  There is an opportunity to use the evaluations since federal
funding year (FFY) ’04-’05 to develop a more comprehensive picture of the
disaster response capability of hospitals in different communities state

Working with a committee of FDOH staff and outside subject matter experts,
an assessment framework was developed.  This framework tried to incorporate
Joint Commission accreditation and Florida’s Agency for Health Care
Administration licensing criteria.  Using exercise evaluations based on this
framework, information from the ’04-’05 and the combined ‘05-’06 and ’06-’07
[1] <#_ftn1> contract years has been analyzed and a draft report written.
Similar analysis needs to be done for data gathered from the ’07-’08
contracted hospitals.

Since 9/11/01, the domestic preparedness field has evolved.  Consequently,
the assessment instrument was revised for the ’08-’09 contracts, based on
Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP) guidelines for
producing after action reports (AARs).  This shifted the focus from exercise
components that the Joint Commission and AHCA look for when reviewing
hospitals to the HHS Target Capabilities.  During this contract period, some
of these after action reports will be completed.  This information needs to
be reviewed and the FFY ’10-’11 instrument revised, if necessary.  Plans for
incorporating this new information into the profile established since FFY
’04-’05 need to be developed and approved, to inform the analysis of the
’10-’11 contracts.

*Tasks and Deliverables*

Party responsible and deliverable are listed in bold type.

*Develop Work Plan:*  Review the report of previous hospital exercises,
“Federally Funded Hospital Disaster Exercises in Florida 2004-2007 –
Outcomes and Recommendations.”  The Report’s table of contents is Attachment
A.  The complete report is available upon request.  Review the new ’08-’09
AAR documents.  These are listed in Attachment C and will be made available
when the contract is executed.

Based on the format of this report and using the ’07-’08 ASPR Contract
Evaluation Tool in Attachment 2, develop a data analysis protocol, report
outline and work plan for analyzing exercise reports from the approximately
140 contracted hospitals.  This work plan will estimate the amount of hours
required to complete this task.  Submit this draft work plan to DOH.  Draft
Work Plan – Contractor.

This draft work plan will be quickly reviewed by DOH staff and returned to
the contractor with revisions.  A final work plan will be submitted by the
Contractor.  Final Work Plan – Contractor

*Analysis and Reporting:*  Following this work plan, analyze the exercise
evaluations completed in FFY ’07-’08.  Summarize the results and write a
draft report and summary presentation for FDOH PHP staff.

This report will summarize information needed for ASPR and other grant
reporting, as well as, DOH and hospital disaster planning and response
management.  This information will be aggregated by hospital, hospital
system, type of hospital, county, where relevant, community, Regional
Domestic Security Task Force and State, in order to make performance
comparisons and identify performance gaps.  The presentation will summarize
key findings of interest to FDOH and hospital leadership.  Draft Report and
Summary Presentation – Contractor

A draft report and presentation will be reviewed by PHP staff and changes to
incorporate into the final report and presentation returned to the
consultants prior to producing the final draft.  Final Report and Summary
Presentation – Contractor

*Improvement Recommendations:*  Review the new ’08-’09 ASPR contracted
hospitals’ exercise evaluation instruments for evacuation, communication,
incident command, medical surge and mass fatality management.  These
instruments are listed in Attachment C below and available upon request.
Briefly review 10 hospitals’ exercise evaluations to understand the quality
of information gathered.

Based on the analysis of data from ’04-’05 through ’08-’09:

Make recommendations for improving the exercise evaluation instruments for
’09-’10 contracts.  These should include changes in exercise components
assessed, EEGs used and strategies to reduce the redundant work needed to
produce exercise evaluations for DOH/ASPR funding, Joint Commission and

Develop a work plan for analyzing the hospitals’ ’09-’10 exercises based on
this project’s experience.

Describe in detail the specifications for a database that can capture the
information in the exercise evaluations and produce reports on hospitals’

*Draft Improvement Recommendations, ’09-’10 Exercise Evaluation Work Plan
and Database Specifications – Contractor*

Draft recommendations will be reviewed by PHP staff and changes to
incorporate into the final document returned to the consultants prior to
producing the final draft.  *Final Improvement Recommendations – Contractor*

Proposals should budget for one half day meeting in Tallahassee.  All other
meetings will be conducted via conference calls and electronic conferencing
supplied by DOH.

*Background Check*

A background check, including fingerprinting, which will be completed on the
consultant(s) working on this project prior to the contractor commencing
work for DOH.

*Contract Work*

   - The Department requires the selected candidate to comply with all DOH
   policies and procedures.
   - Strict confidentiality procedures will be followed.  The contractor
   will provide information on all personnel who will have access to hospital
   AARs.  If necessary, background checks on these individuals will be
   - The contractor will not communicate directly with hospitals.  All
   communication with hospitals by DOH personnel will be managed in conjunction
   with the DOH ASPR contract managers.
   - Information on specific hospitals performance will be carefully
   protected.  If aggregations of data are not sufficient to mask individual
   hospitals’ performance, that information will not be included in any


*Must complete and submit the following Skills Matrix with your # of years
experience along with Resume *

*Consultant Skills Matrix*

*Knowledge, Skills and Abilities ***

*# Years Experience***

*Required: ***

* *

Demonstrated knowledge of the hospital disaster preparedness and response

Knowledgeable of Joint Commission accreditation and AHCA licensure
requirements related to disaster preparedness and response,

Familiar with the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) National Response
Framework (NRF), with its Target Capabilities and Universal Task List (UTL).

Trained to use the Homeland Security Exercise Evaluation Program (HSEEP).

Excellent verbal and written communication skills.


* *

Experience conducting and evaluating hospital disaster exercises.

Experience with Department of Health systems and Florida hospitals a plus.

Experience developing hospital or other health and medical disaster response
plans a plus.

*The above template must be completed!***

*Must complete and submit the following references template along with
Resume and skills matrix. References will be checked for consistency and
reliability.  Please only submit professional references, i.e.; Supervisors,
Employers, and Managers, who you have previously provided services for.  Any
reference from a personal email account (yahoo, Gmail, etc.) will not be
considered a professional reference.***


*Reference 1:*

*Reference’s Name(s), Titles, Organization***

*Email Id(s)***


*Phone Number(s)***

*Description of Comparable Work Performed***

*Reference 2:***

*Reference’s Name(s), Titles, Organization***

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*Phone Number(s)***

*Description of Comparable Work Performed***

*Reference 3:***

*Reference’s Name(s), Titles, Organization***

*Email Id(s)***


*Phone Number(s)***

*Description of Comparable Work Performed***

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