*Please submit resumes to go...@itlogix.com.* *Need Locals and must have
ACCESS Florida Program exp.*

Position Opening: .Net Application Developer/Analyst, ACCESS Florida
Program, Tallahassee, Florida

*Work Locations: 1940 North Monroe Street, Tallahassee, FL*

*Anticipated Start Date: ASAP*

*Length of Project: The anticipated start date is July 1, 2009 through the
end on June 30, 2012.*

*Project Description: .Net Application Developer/Analyst, ACCESS Florida
Program *

*Length of Project:*

The anticipated start date is July 1, 2009 through the end on June 30, 2012.

The total units of service shall not exceed 2,000 hours per state fiscal

The consultant shall be available to the department Monday through Friday,
with the exception of state recognized holidays, between the hours of 8:00
a.m. and 5:00 p.m., EST, and on an "as needed" basis by the department.


Provide a consultant who shall provide systems maintenance, support and
enhancements for various ACCESS Florida online applications. The consultant
shall have the capability to provide one staff person, on location at 1940
North Monroe Street, Tallahassee, FL, with the skills to develop, maintain,
and enhance ASP, JAVA and ASP.Net online systems using a SQL Server back-end
database and Oracle back-end. Additionally, the vendor shall have the
capability to develop various online system applications as the need arises.

*Scope of Work*

As part of modernization there has been an increased use of automation to
improve the efficiency of operation for its employees. Several mission
critical online systems have been developed, creating the need for
additional staff augmentation to further develop, maintain, and enhance
these systems.

*Economic Self-Sufficiency (ESS) Online System Maintenance and
Support/Modifications and Enhancements*

* *

*System Support and Maintenance*

Provide maintenance, support and system enhancements for various ACCESS
FLORIDA online applications. ACCESS FLORIDA currently has approximately
twenty (20) web- based applications that store/track/report information
related to various business areas of the department. Each system provides
front-end GUI interface for end-users to input/access/update/delete/report
information in a web browser, which is accessible on the DCF Intranet. All
online systems were developed in either ASP, JAVA or ASP .NET using Java
Script for client-side validations.

The following list describes the system maintenance, support tasks that will
be required.

   - Program changes/fixes/enhancements to existing system screens, reports,
   menus or images.
   - Program changes/fixes/enhancements to the inherent business logic in
   the system
   - Create new system screens, reports, menus
   or images
   - Create new business logic in the system
   - Create/modify tables and indexes in the system database
   - Create/modify fields from tables in the system database
   - Create/modify stored procedures that are called by the system
   - Make web page adjustments for any changes in content, layout and format

*System Modifications and Enhancements*

Each system modification or enhancement request shall be evaluated to
determine the size and scope of programming effort involved prior to
programming any changes. The project manager will make a determination at
that time on whether to proceed with the enhancements. The following tasks
will be performed for each system enhancement or modification to a system.

   - Conduct a detailed analysis on all online systems and review all
   screens, business logic, reports and databases.
   - Review all business processes both manual and automated.
   - Conduct JAD sessions with key staff to define business requirements for
   any system enhancement.
   Create a requirements document to identify enhancement specifications.
   - Program system changes and enhancements as defined by the system
   - Move all system modifications to a testing server.
   - Conduct thorough system testing on all modifications.
   - Obtain user sign-off and acceptance of all system changes.
   - Modify the system user guide or help file to document system changes.
   - Coordinate with staff to implement changes and move them to production.

   - Monitor system performance and make adjustments if necessary.
   - Provide technical support to program staff and end-users as necessary.

*Document Imaging*

Provide maintenance, support, and system enhancements for the ACCESS
Document Imaging System. The system is comprised of several components. ESS
Scan is a desktop application used for scanning documents. PDFGrabber is a
document process service. Workload Manager and Assignment Maker are
applications that handle the worker assignments portion of the system
functionality. Document index data is stored in an Oracle database on a
Linux Red Hat Server. File Servers are utilized for processing and storing
the images. ESS Scan and PDFGrabber use Lead Tools API. Document Viewing is
the web-based interface for retrieving the documents. The web system was
developed in ASP.NET. Active Reports software is used for creating reports
from within the web system.

*Must complete and submit the following Skills Matrix with your # of years
experience along with Resume *

*Each resume must contain the following:*

*Consultant Skills Matrix*

*Skills Matrix***

*# Years Experience***

   - Number of Years background and experience with similar work.

   - Experience with developing on-line systems in ASP

   - Experience with developing on-line systems in JAVA

   - Experience with developing on-line systems in ASP.Net.

   - Staff experience with SQL Server.

   - Capabilities with respect to database creation, maintenance, indexing,
   stored procedures, and data transformation services.

   - Staff experience with ACCESS programs, including TANF, Food Stamps, and

   - Staff experience with document imaging.

   - Staff experience with software, such as PDF Grabber and Lead Tools.

   - Staff experience with Oracle Database.

*The above template must be completed!***

*Must complete and submit the following references template along with
Resume and skills matrix. References will be checked for consistency and
reliability.  Please only submit professional references, i.e.; Supervisors,
Employers, and Managers, who you have previously provided services for.  Any
reference from a personal email account (yahoo, Gmail, etc.) will not be
considered a professional reference.***


*Reference 1:*

*Reference’s Name(s), Titles, Organization***

*Email Id(s)***


*Phone Number(s)***

*Description of Comparable Work Performed***

*Reference 2:***

*Reference’s Name(s), Titles, Organization***

*Email Id(s)***


*Phone Number(s)***

*Description of Comparable Work Performed***

*Reference 3:***

*Reference’s Name(s), Titles, Organization***

*Email Id(s)***


*Phone Number(s)***

*Description of Comparable Work Performed***

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