Earn 50% of the margin on every placement you make

How many consultants are on projects right now from your efforts?  If
you added up all the margins from  those consultants you placed, how
much margin would it be for each hour?  $40 USD?  $75 USD?  $150 USD?
If you had been employed with us making those placements, you would
now be earning 50% of all that margin, EVERY MONTH!

Here is an example.  Let’s say you currently have 6 consultants on
projects that you worked hard to place.  The average margin on those
placements is $10 USD.  That means that every hour those consultants
work, the company you work for is getting $60 USD.  How much of that
are you getting paid?

If you had been working for us, you would be getting 50% of that EVERY
MONTH.  In this example, your monthly earnings would be $5,160.00 US
Dollars.  Converted to Rupee’s, that’s 2.4 Lakhs IN JUST 1 MONTH.

We are looking for EXPERIENCED Business Development Managers that are
comfortable sourcing their own requirements and resumes.

We supply everything you need such as office (located in Hyderabad),
telephone, email, contract management, insurances, resume database
access (Monster, Dice), etc…

You supply the placements.


This is a 100% commission based opportunity.  There is no base pay.
This offer is only intended for experienced BDM’s who are confident in
their abilities and want to maximize their earnings.

For more information, contact Steve Scruggs at ste...@sarasamerica.com
or call 1-248-489-8484 ext. 946.

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