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Location: Boston, MA

Duration: 6+ months

Portfolio Performance:

Portfolio Risk, Return Calculations, and Risk Calculations

Interest Rate Swaps

Quant Analysis:

Standard Deviation

Alpha Beta

Must understand how you report the performance of portfolios.

I'm looking for a BA/DA resource that can do the following
> Can do data analysis and knows investment data.
> Can meet with business users and developers and write business
> Can do data gap analysis and content analysis.
> Can do simple SQL (select with some table joins) to do their data
> Investment knowledge in performance and security data, factsheet or
perspectus type reports
> Only needs a little direction to get started. (a plus)

Project description.
There are 2 databases that need work.
1) PPA - has performance data and needs some automation and additional
Lipper data.
2) PAID - used for product info, needs automation, standardization and
additional data.

We need to know where these databases get data today and how it is loaded
and determine
if that is the correct source or switch to a preferred data source.
Any manual data loading needs to be automated. Any manual sign-off needs
to be automated.
Plus some data gaps need to be filled.

Thanks & Regards,


IT Logix


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