Dear Associates,
We have an immediate need for a Project Manager in Helena MT.

Duration: 6 months +

Rate: $62 - $65 per hour is the best.


Job Description

The position will serve as a Senior Project Manager on projects assigned by
the Information Technology and Processing Bureau, Bureau Chief. The Project
Manager will assist in defining project goals and objectives and
establishing the methods and means utilized in accomplishing those
objectives. Primary contacts include the State IT Project Management Office,
IT Managers or CIOs, Bureau Chiefs, Unit Managers, Budget Analysts, and
Vendors. This position will require the individual to be flexible and have
insight to the big picture when working on any assigned project.

Candidate selected will be responsible for project management through a
framework of project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and
control, and closure activities. This involves directly managing the project
scope, schedule and budget by applying project management principles,
methodologies, and practices as defined by the State IT Project Management
Office utilizing the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) as the
core framework.


*General Duties*

   - Development of project management plan, WBS, project schedule, and all
   associated documents as prescribed by the State’s methodology to manage
   - Conduct weekly project status meetings with project stakeholders.
   - Assist the IT Manager and Business Project Manager on the management of
   the project’s budget, plan and schedule.
   - Identify, manage, and mitigate all issues, risk, and change risk to
   minimize impact to project’s schedule, budget, or scope.
   - Prepare weekly status report for weekly meeting with the State IT PMO.
   - Present issues, risk, and change request at weekly project status
   report meeting.

*Skills Requirements*

*Project Initiation and Planning*

   - Develop project plans by integrating and documenting project scope,
   deliverables, processes, procedures, risks, and tasks to facilitate project
   execution, control, and closing processes.
   - Document assumptions by determining information that must be validated
   or situations to be controlled during the project to facilitate the project
   planning process.
   - Determine project objectives and scope by identifying and working with
   project stakeholders to meet their requirements, specifications, and/or
   - Develop project strategies by evaluating alternative approaches to meet
   stakeholder requirements, specifications, and/or expectations.
   - Partner with other management staff to estimate project deliverables,
   create staffing plans, and build schedules.
   - Document project constraints through coordination with stakeholders and
   review of policies and procedures to ensure compliance.
   - Develop resource management plans (staff, procurement, etc.) by
   identifying resource requirements and obtaining commitments from internal,
   external, and procured sources to complete all project activities.
   - Refine project requirements, assumptions, and constraints through
   communication with stakeholders, and/or reviewing project documents to
   baseline scope of work and enable development of an execution plan.
   - Refine project time and cost estimates by applying estimating tools and
   techniques to all tasks to determine and define project baseline, schedule,
   and budget.
   - Identify performance criteria by referring to product/service
   specifications and process standards to ensure and/or support the quality
   assurance effort.
   - Develop project management process outputs by applying appropriate
   practices, tools, and methodologies to ensure required product/service
   - Produce formal project planning documents such as: project charters,
   project scope statement, communications plan, risk plan, quality assurance
   plan, and staffing plan.
   - Create procurement documents such as: Statements of Work (SOW),
   Contractor Engagement Proposals (CEP), and Request for Proposals (RFP),
   Requests for Information (RFI), Information Technology Procurement Requests
   (ITPR), etc.
   - Obtain project plan approval by reviewing the plan with department
   management and project stakeholders.
   - Balance stakeholders’ interests by recommending approaches that strive
   for fair resolution to satisfy competing needs and objectives.

*Project Execution, Monitoring and Control*

   - Implementing the project plan by ensuring execution of project
   activities and tasks to produce project deliverables on-time and on-budget.
   - Direct and review the project work plan, monitor workflow, and ensure
   performance measures and program standards are met.
   - Manage risks, defects, budget, conversion activity, requirements
   management, and testing reporting.
   - Manage change control processes, including risk assessments,
   identification, and mitigation.
   - Implement quality assurance procedures by performing project control
   activities to meet project objectives.
   - Provide budget-related information to the project sponsors and
   administrator for the preparation of project budgets.
   - Monitor project accounts by reviewing expenditures and accounting
   - Monitor project activity by performing periodic inspections to ensure
   that authorized approaches and processes are followed.
   - Continually measure project performance by comparing results to the
   baseline to identify project trends and variances and recommend corrective
   action when significant differences exist.
   - Develop recommendations for the project sponsors and administrator on
   issues including budget deficiencies or modifications.
   - Work with ITSD budget analyst to ensure contractor payment, warranty,
   and holdback management for department project contracts.
   - Respond to risk event triggers in accordance with the risk management
   plan to properly manage project outcomes.
   - Address root causes in any problem areas to eliminate or minimize
   negative impact.
   - Timely report issues of concern to the Project Management Bureau Chief,
   project sponsor(s), and/or steering committee so that corrective action can
   be taken.
   - Produce written and oral project reports that provide timely and
   accurate project status and decision support information to project team.
   - Provide regular and timely feedback throughout the project life cycle
   to Project Management Bureau Chief, department management, team members, and
   other project stakeholders.
   - Assist in evaluating the work of project team members and the
   effectiveness of project and management plans to ensure compliance with
   standards and plans.
   - Directly or indirectly supervise professional and technical staff
   depending on the project and as required by the department.
   - Represent the project team to department management, external agencies,
   vendors, and other stakeholders as requested by department management.

*Project Completion*

   - Manage the completion of the project, including ensuring sign-off on
   deliverables by all responsible parties and finalization of all paperwork.
   - Document lessons learned by surveying project team members and other
   relevant stakeholders to use for the benefit of future projects.
   - Facilitate administrative and financial closure in accordance with the
   project plan to comply with organization and stakeholder requirements.
   - Preserve essential project records, documents, and required tools by
   archiving them for future use to adhere to legal and other requirements.

*Knowledge & Experience*

·         Managed projects to an accumulated total exceeding 6000 hours

·         Minimum 8 years project management experience

·         PMP Certification or educational equivalent (i.e. University

·         Demonstrated delivery of PMBOK referenced Minimum Core Competency

·         Demonstrated Project Delivery (verifiable)

*Educational Requirements*

·         Bachelors Degree in Information Technology, Business , or Project

·         And Greater than 150 Hours of classroom instruction or equivalent
in Project Management.

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