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Title:                 Infrastructure PM Required
Location:           Winston-Salem, NC

Duration:           6 months


Phone hire


Infrastructure PM's

 â?¢ 5-8 years project management (PM) experience with infrastructure type 

â?¢ PMP certification highly desirable

â?¢ Ability to multi-task several projects

â?¢ Microsoft Project experience required

â?¢ Familiarity with Visio would be a plus

â?¢ Familiarity with HP PPM (used to be called Mercury) would be a plus


We are looking for a person that is technically literate (e.g., has prior 
experience with infrastructure type activities such as Unix and Intel hardware 
installations and/or conversions) so that they can understand and comprehend 
the project activities but their focus will be to manage the project to insure 
that our development lifecycle processes are properly followed including all 
documentation created and maintained and appropriate project status 


The below looks like a lot but most likely they require about 15-20% of a PMs 
time per week.


Here is an outline of the projects that we need PM support:


AIX Consolidation - Consolidate 5 AIX servers, which are no longer supported 
and are at risk of failure due to age, to an AIX environment that is vendor 
supported. This proposal is to purchase an IBM P570 on the secondary market and 
target the following systems for consolidation to the p570:

â?¢ Callist2 â?" DTC This server was purchased in 2001

â?¢ McKinley â?" DTC This server was purchased in 2000

â?¢ Neptune â?" DTC Catalog Data Warehouse. Server purchased in 2001

â?¢ Winsrcad and Winsrcap â?"Development and Production TWS/CLS Intimates 
system. Both servers purchased in 2001 and both have experienced recent 
hardware failures.


AS400 Consolidation - To reduce support cost and eliminate older systems, 
consolidate the AS400 hardware environment by creating LPARS on existing AS400 
frames (HA 570 and Prod 570) and migrate (and eliminate) the following AS400 


â?¢ HBHFAUAT â?" QA environment for Socks HFA and Infinium)

â?¢ HQ400E â?" Infrastructure system

â?¢ SLSCEN â?" Production Socks IMSII system running in El Salvador

â?¢ SLSCCS â?" Production Socks IMSII system running in Mexico.

â?¢ HPOINT5 â?" Socks Lotus Domino application targeted to move to the Intel 

â?¢ OPS400 â?" Intimates development system and EDI trusted link software.


Intel Consolidation - There are approximately 200 Intel based servers that are 
out of warranty with no vendor (Dell) hardware support available. If a hardware 
failure were to occur, an extended outage, going into days, can be expected for 
the impacted business application as there are no replacement parts or vendor 
technicians available. All of these servers are over 5 years old with half 
older than 7 years. To rectify this situation, it is proposed that these 
unsupported Intel servers be migrated to a new Intel hardware infrastructure 
with virtualization technology. Three Dell R900 servers will be purchased, one 
in October, November and December, to build out the virtual infrastructure.


Unix Consolidation - The following HP servers are out of hardware support on 
12/31/2009. This proposal is To consolidate them onto other existing HP servers 
and retire accordingly.

â?¢ W1hapd02 â?" Champion MIS development server. 

â?¢ W1hapd06 â?" Ctrak and Intimates planning development and Sap Hosiery 
development and staging application environments. This server also hosts the 
Oracle Oraes6 database that is the Intimates CoolGen source code repository


SAN Storage Migration - This request is for the expansion and technical storage 
frame refresh of our existing open systems disk storage frame environment.



Thanks & Regards
Technical Recruiter
Sriven Infosys INC
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Fax: 212-658-9460

Sriven Infosys Inc is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Qualified applicants will 
receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, 
sex, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, disability, age, military or 
veteran status, and other characteristics.
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