Title: SharePoint Moss

Location: Houston, TX

Length: 1 Year+

  Work Description:

      Consulting on SharePoint MOSS Rollout
      Assist business units with Site collection design (e.g. one vs.
several site collections, how site should be designed for process oriented
vs. functional teams).
      Help business units understand various site design considerations they
need to keep in mind (i.e. helps them weigh the pros and cons of different
approaches and recommend the best approach).
      Consult on Governance issues (e.g. in area of Search, Navigation and
content type). Helps with setting up site collections level configuration to
achieve required results).
      Conducts SharePoint orientation/training sessions
      Develops how-to’s for end-user
      Consults on the kind of training needed for the site collection
administrators, site owner & power users and end-users.
      Consults/trains on various features of SharePoint and can assist
end-users with various SharePoint issues/problems (in-depth knowledge of all
SharePoint features is required for this assignment).

    *Desired Technical Skills:*
   Have a minimum 3-5 years experience with SharePoint WSS & MOSS
   §  Have in-depth knowledge of all out-of-the-box SharePoint features &
configurations (this is required)
   §  Have experience with assisting business groups design their SharePoint
site collections.
   §  Have experience with SharePoint Governance.
   §  Have experience migrating LAN Share and Notes DBs data to SharePoint
MOSS platform (optional).
   §  Be knowledgeable about the MOSS templates
   §  Have consulted/trained on SP WSS/MOSS platform
   §  Have used SharePoint (for managing his/her work) for at least 2 to 3
   §  Very knowledgeable about the various SharePoint features from
end-user, power user, Site Owner and Site Collection Administrator’s

What this job is NOT about:
   §  This job is NOT about managing farm level configurations
   §  This job is NOT about managing SharePoint servers.
   §  This job is NOT about writing custom code for new SharePoint
   §  This job is NOT about using SharePoint Designer to create custom

 General Skills:
   §  Ability to fully follow all corporate guidelines, practices and
procedures (including processes related to SharePoint rollout).
   §  Consulting/training experience – minimum 2-3 years
   §  Great verbal/written communication skills
   §  Great interpersonal skills
   §  Flexible/adaptable and easy to work with
   §  Can work with limited guidance
   §  Good in multitasking

   Have experience working for a large organization

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