We need to focus on *Mid-Level Java/J2EE development *(you do not need to be
too picky on J2EE technologies). *Telecommunications background is EXTREMELY
IMPORTANT (specifically network activation).  *Candidates *must* also have
experience with *TCL scripting** *or Groovy, with TCL preferred.  You will
see candidates working with LAN/WAN, TCP/IP, switches,
routers, provisioning, a lot of those technologies. I *DO NOT *want to see
candidates that come from telecom companies and were working on shopping
carts, billing, music applications, etc.  They will not consider any
candidates with that type of telecom only.  It also needs to be *recent* and
not just a short project with a little bit.  I have a few placements here
and know exactly what they are looking for.  This is great business

*Let me know to save you time, if you want me to glance at a resume before
your recruiters take the time to call the candidate and I can tell you if
the candidate worth calling or not right away.  If that helps, I'm happy to
do that.  I've worked on these a lot and have placements, so know exactly
the type of resumes/candidates they like to see.

We will get feedback quickly and interviews set up quickly.

Please send TOP 2-3 candidates!!!

*Location: * Minneapolis, MN  (Candidates do not need to be local,
will do *PHONE
SCREEN TO HIRE*, just need to be able to get to Minneapolis to start project
without any issues)

*Duration:*  6 months + (these get extended if candidates do good job, my
contractors have been on for over a year and just got extended again)

This is way more than you need for the description....Go off one 1 - 3 for
now, anything else will be a plus unless they tell us otherwise.

1.      Telecom domain experience. Primarily Configuration
management/Activation based systems.

2.      Experience working with Java and J2EE technologies. (Working with
web services, xml, EJB etc)

3.      Knowledge of TCL scripting.

4.      Groovy

5.      Experience working in workflow based projects.

6.      Knowledge of JSON (Java Script Object Notation). (www.json.org).

Thanks & Regards

Phone: 804-859-5759
Maripax Solutions | prav...@maripax.com
G IM: vpraveen.mari
Y IM: vpraveen.mari

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