Sun Slorais Administrator

Location : Florida or Texas

Duration : Long Term

We have an immediate need for a *SUN* Systems Admin/Support


Overview of Project:

Job title: *SUN* System Support
- Understanding of *Sun* Jumpstart process including Flash Archive.
- Knowledge of *Sun* hardware for troubleshooting purposes.
- adding a disk or tape device
- know pkgadd to install software packages or additional drivers
- Command line knowledge of the *Solaris* operating System
- Knowledge of the following:
- How to configure a network adapter, including speed.
- How to check and troubleshoot network configurations.
- How to configure Fibre channel disk and tape devices.
- How to create Fibre channel zones on Cisco 9513.
- *Solaris* command line utilities.
- Knowledge of *Solaris* File Systems:
- Know how to use Veritas Volume Manager.
- Know how to create a file system.
- Know how to mount a file system.
- Understand Fibre channel devices.
- Understand Networked File Systems.
- Senior level knowledge in: *Sun* Fire 15000, V890s, V880s, V480s, X4600s
and X4200s.
- System administration knowledge.
- Test preparation will require an ability to read and understand network
- Knowledge of RS6000 and HP systems a plus.
*Sun* Skill Requirements
Job responsibilities and description:
1. Provide technical support to customers during disaster recovery testing
and / or actual disaster.
2. Configure & integrate hardware before customer arrives, based on customer
3. Assist customers during restoration of their operating system and /or
application specific data.
4. Assist customers with configuring communications descriptions for
inter/intra networking needs
5. Provide recommendations to customer regarding their backup/recovery
process specific to operating system and applications.
6. Strong customer relations, communication and problem solving skills.

Looking forward  to work with you closely , Have a  Pleasant day ahead  !

Thanks & Regards

Maripax Solutions |
G IM: vpraveen.mari
Y IM: vpraveen.mari

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