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*Job Title**           **: Sr . Network Engineer III With GIAC , SDE** ***

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*Duration           : 6 + Months .*

Project GIAC :

Overview of the project :

The Group Intranet Access Control *(GIAC)* project aims to address the
security issues by ‘ring-fencing’ the Offsite Third Party Development
servers with a build-out of a Secure Development Environment *(SDE) *and
ensure authentication on all Offsite Third Party Development access into DB
private network.

Detailed past, current and future tasks description for UNIX SA:

1) Understand the GIAC project/server migration requirements during weekly
conference call.

2) Work with GIAC Project management team and agree on a server migration
solution incorporating the complexities of the new environment with
SDE/separate NIS domain/NFS sever.

3) Raise an alert for all Non-DB compliant requests and migration issues
foreseen due the current legacy dev/uat environments and access enjoyed by
third party application teams and issues resulting due to their access via
DMZ and work it through project manager/network team to provide a

4) NIS and NFS server design and implementation and their integration with

5) Future NIS and NFS issues with user ids/home directories, quotas,
permissions, performance and level 2 support to IDadmin.

6) Work with BSD team on capacity issues for not enough storage (which
requires SRM ticket for storage replenishment and follow up with BSD /
Storage team regarding provisioning ), not enough IP addresses on existing
subnets for physical as well as virtual host ( which requires coordination
with Networking team and USUNIX team to identify available IP addresses /
decommissioned IP addresses ), not enough CPUs on installed server (which
requires coordination with BSD team for new server replenishment )

7) Install new physical server requires coordination between various teams
like BSD, Deployment managers, IT Facilities, console management and come
across many challenges around provisioning and most commons are “Console is
not working”, “non-availability of a boot server on DMZ”, “Arranging for a
jumpstart cable for the servers in DMZ” , “Networking cables are not
working”, Datacenter access restrictions for changing the jumpstart cables
and networking/ITF changes during daytime, etc.

8) After all Provisioning issues are resolved, Jumpstart the server and put
current DB UNIX image on the server. Detailed tasks are as follows:

• Coordinate VTS testing and XSCF configuration as per standards

• Put the latest patch cluster post initial server build

• Configure IPMP

• Configure SVM (Solaris Volume Manager) on the server and update NVRAM with
mirror disk entry and check the server boot from both the disks

• Update SRM Ticket and once TSM tasks are completed configure TSM
configuration on the server

• Configure ESM and ensure all “Green” by logging in console.

• Configure Tivoli and check if the server has been migrated to correct TMR.

• Configure NIS.

• Configure PSET processor set and reserve processors for Global Zone

• Install additional packages like Solution enabler, EMC PowerPath,
Leadville Driver etc or HDS packages depending on the provisioned storage.

• Configure Kerberos.

• Obtain Symantec licenses from License admin and apply licenses.

• Install / Configure VCS on NFS server.

• Configure the storage, Initialize all the disks.

9) If there is enough capacity on existing servers then only virtual host
creation is require which involves following tasks :

• Work with BSD team and get all virtual host information, NCC Document

• Create virtual host and complete ESM, TSM, Tivoli configuration, Kerberos
tasks as mentioned above

• Implement Physical, Swap and Shared memory capping

• Work with Application team to understand application requirement and work
with IDADMIN team on creation of new IDs / Netgroups thru ARD system and
configure it on the server

• Work with DBA / BSD team for database request and install database
binaries on the server

10) Incorporating new design and vlan changes as they evolve later during
the implementation phase.

• As the new vlans are being designed for GIAC, dependency on the network
and firewall team to complete their tasks of routing/gateways/QIP and access
issues on every iteration.

• As the SDE environment interact to core infrastructure and within the SDE
environment via firewalls, there is a continuous struggle to confirm if
day-to-day access/application issues are due to firewall access controls or
locally in the server configuration, etc

11) A large number of zones (more than 800!) to be created for provisioning
of dev servers in GIAC environment which would in turn need more
speed/firewall/network/storage/etc issues in future.

• Migration issues of the huge and diverse environments with varied
requirements of performance, packages, sla’s, applications, connectivity,

• Many of these servers might have been working from legacy times and might
have been enjoying relaxed standards and would involve challenges during
migration and transition .

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